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A little photo manipulation does the soul good.

The original shot was composed with a blue sheet of card placed in the background. The end result was actually quite a flat-looking photo.

I made a quick dash outside to shoot some lovely summer sky, then layered it onto the original shot. I definitely feel it gives it the kick it so needed by helping to lift out the colours in the lower half of the image.

For reference, here was the non-manipulated version;

Copyright © Jina C / / All Rights Reserved

Of course, it’s all subjective. Did I make the right choice, or do think it works better sans sky?

Shot details:
Canon 70D camera | Canon Macro EF 100mm lens | Manual mode |
Shutter speed 1/125 | Aperture 6.3 | ISO 100 | Canon Speedlite 430EX II (off-camera)

Written by Jina
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