March 5th, 2015
Posted by Jina C

The Liebster Awards - 10 Facts, 11 Questions

I was nominated for the Liebester Award by Humaira, of Food Fashion Faith!

An intro: “The Liebster award is a way of recognising newer blogs and is a great way of discovering some new blogs out there.”

I’ve been out of the blogging world for so long that I really don’t know who to tag. Instead I’m going to do this award a little differently by open-ending the rules to invite any and all present/future readers to post their facts, and answers to the questions below.

And so we begin…

10 Random Facts About Me

1. Last year I taught myself the basics of bookbinding. I used that knowledge to make miniature books; hardback books so tiny they’d fit in the palm of your hand. I have a pile of them on my desk just waiting to be filled with purpose rather than them just sitting pretty.

2. Remember those immunisation injections you were given at secondary school? I never got mine. I was on medication at the time and they were reluctant to give me my shot. The Crazy Needle Lady (also known as ‘Nurse’) had promised to recall me later in the week. She never did.

So if I contract polio or in the near future, someone’s getting their house TP’d.

3. I have a lip balm addiction.

4. Caffeine restores my humanity each and every morning.

I’ve been vegetarian for twenty years, vegan for one. Vegetarianism was easy. Veganism, however, is an eye-opener. Who knew they put milk powder in a packet of crisps? More importantly, WHY?

6. I purchased my first ever teapot set this year. I’ve finally become my mother.

7. I once asked a hairdresser to give me a Hayley Williams style hair cut. I walked out resembling Eastender’s Little Mo.

8. I have a notepad obsession. I can’t get enough of them, especially Pukka pads.

9. I’ve never met a potted plant I didn’t unintentionally kill.

10. My sister routinely sends me a birthday card each year with the envelope addressed to ‘The Hobbit’. My brother, on the other hand, has taken to giving me birthday cards with a ‘My Condolences’ message on the front.

11 Questions, 11 Answers

1. Where do you currently live?

That depends. Are we talking physically or emotionally? Emotionally, I was born in Hobbiton. Eager to travel the globe I lost my way and washed up somewhere in the Midlands. Currently trying to make it back to my fellow hairy barefooted kin.

2. What has been your favourite country to visit?

I thought travelling to Mordor would be a hoot! I was wrong. That fiery chasm of Mount Doom will give you more than just a sunburn.

I’m planning a trip to New York in 2016 so it’s a safe bet that if you ask me again in a year’s time, The Big Apple will be the answer on my lips.

3. What is your favourite food?

Pre-vegan my favourite food would have been lemon meringue pie. I’ve actually impressed party-goers with my trick of inhaling one whole said pie in one fell swoop.

Post-vegan, I’d have to go with either Oreos or those caramelicious Lotus biscuits. Basically anything sweet enough to lull me in to a sugar coma.

4. How many siblings do you have?

Do imaginary ones count? No, okay. I have three in total. I’m the oldest but they’re all taller than me. This is important. That fact alone – of them towering over me like giants – means I’m treated as the baby of our group.

5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Shoot profanities at the alarm on my phone for waking me up, then take my mood out on some Angry Birds for five minutes.

6. How long have you been blogging?

Over a decade now, but I’m a tardy blogger, posting sporadically at best. Blogging is something I thoroughly enjoy (when I eventually get around to it) but I can never quite keep to a routine. Part of the problem lies in not having a clear view of what my blogs – past and present – should be focused on.

I sometimes wonder if the pressure to fit my blog in to a niche, which is the advice given by many a wondrous blogging expert, is at odds with my internal hodgepodgery.

7. Who would you invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?

Bruce Lee. Also, Batman. Kung Fu legend with the fastest fists meets man dressed as bat. You just know sparks would fly.

8. Who is the last person you called?

Returning a call to my father. He had a computer problem. Don’t they always?

9. What is your favourite item of clothing to wear?

Right now it’s a skirt I made with my own bare hands. It’s a flared, slightly-above-the-knee length skirt made out of a lightweight, dark blue stretch denim. I’m proud because I didn’t follow a pattern – arguably the story of my life.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Waking up to the sound of my phone’s alarm ringing and having the zen-like peacefulness to no longer curse it to hell.

There’s a lot to be said for waking up with a spring in your step. Five years from now I hope I’ll have been brave enough to pursue a dream that pays off in stability and happiness. No one wants to look back with regret for not even trying. I’m making tentative steps to change the course of my life in a way I hope will bring me much sought-after contentment.

11. What is the goal for your blog?

To not let it fester and die the way my previous blogs have. That would be an achievement.

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March 2nd, 2015
Posted by Jina C
Image Copyright © Jina C @

Image © Jina C / / all rights reserved / not to be used without permission.

“Life is full of strangers just waiting to become friends.”

(Jina @

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February 28th, 2015
Posted by Jina C

A new Game of Thrones poster for season 5 has arrived and it’s everything you could have hoped for – that is, if you harbour a stalkerly interest in one spectacularly awesome Tyrion Lannister.

And I do.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Poster - Image Copyright © HBO

Image Copyright © HBO

I’ve often said that if Peter Dinklage was no longer on the show, I’m not convinced I would keep watching. Heck, even George R.R. Martin is aware of this.

Season 4 featured a game changing moment in Tyrion’s life but the screen time awarded him was notably minuscule. The writers chose instead to focus on the fallout of his story arc and its effects on everyone else. Of course, in the few scattered scenes Dinklage did have, he stole the show every damn time.

For fellow Tyrionites, Season 5 looks promising as two separate paths appear set to cross. Don’t know what I’m talking about? See these location shoot photos for major SPOILERS. Or not, if you’ve the willpower to avoid them, you impressive beast.

Now, can April 12th please hurry up?

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