May 27th, 2014
Posted by Jina C
An Open letter to Palas Jewellery - Copyright Infringement

This is a follow-up to this post concerning an ongoing Copyright Infringement issue with Palas Jewellery.

So, why an open letter? It’s been two weeks to the day that I sent the first of many emails to the Palas Jewellery team and I’ve yet to receive a single email back from them.

Last week, I took to their Facebook page and left a private message. I was kindly asked to re-send my email to one of the Palas team’s email address. She promised to forward it on to Palas head honcho, Anna. Days later, still no reply. I then left a post on same said page requesting that someone please answer my emails along with a brief summary of why. A day later, I received this Facebook reply (the whole post was then deleted barely five minutes later):

‘Dear Jina, our use of the words about dreams are not a replica of ‘your’ words, please research and see that there are so many variations of these words about dreams used in various applications. Ours is not a derivative of ‘your’ artwork as you claim, we have never seen your artwork nor do we know of yourself. Thank you so much for contacting us and we wish you the very best in life Jina. Light and love x’

Nothing says backhanded like ‘light and love x’ at the end of a curt dismissal.

Thanks to the timezone differences (Australia/UK), I received that message past midnight. I experienced a host of emotions. The overwhelming feeling was one of surprise. How can a business thrive on a lack of moral conscience?

It became clear to me that Palas Jewellery have no intention of ever properly dealing with their violation of copyright. To be sure, I tested this theory with another email.

Nothing but tumbleweed.

That doesn’t mean I’m backing down. On the contrary, I’m seeking the appropriate advise as we speak. No one should ever have to settle for their work being used without consent – especially when that use creates a profit for the offender. …(continue reading)

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May 23rd, 2014
Posted by Jina C
Copyright &copy Jina C / All Rights Reserved

Photo copyright © Jina C / / All rights reserved.

You can always tell summer is finally upon us by the sheer volume of camera-toting folk shooting forget-me-nots.

And I hold my hands up, guilty as charged! They’re small, cute and fragile-looking. What’s not to love about them? This isn’t my first time shooting them, and I very much doubt it’ll be my last.

Copyright © Jina C / All Rights Reserved

Photo copyright © Jina C / / All rights reserved.

Shot details:
No.1: Canon 70D camera | Canon Macro EF 100mm lens | Manual mode |
Shutter speed 1/160 | Aperture 4.0 | ISO 100 | Canon Speedlite 430EX II (off-camera)

No.2: Same settings as above.

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May 20th, 2014
Posted by Jina C
Summer's Calling / Copyright &copy Jina C / All Rights Reserved

Photo copyright © Jina C / / all rights reserved

I suppose you might call this half-photo, half-manipulation. …(continue reading)

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